Accessible bathrooms design & installations Los Angeles CA

We can provide various product fittings and options for handicap bathroom designs in Los Angeles California. It will include handicap toilets which are using right ADA toilet height and grab bars, handicap showers and bathtubs with options for walk-in tubs or walk-in tub & shower combos, handicap shower seats, ADA sink design. It also includes additional customizable features to increase therapeutic comfort and ease-of-use. You may contact our experts today to obtain a free estimate or to get the data about our products and services in Los Angeles CA.

How do you plan a bathroom for easy access

The bathroom is a location in your house that poses the highest risks of injury for the seniors. Reports stated that over 60% of emergency room visits from people with disabilities and seniors are due to injuries in the bathroom.
The best choice for you will be a handicap bathroom built to prevent these accidents.
If you're referring to safety, a person with mobility challenges must make sure that their bathroom is designed ADA compliant. Additional safety mechanisms recommended by a professional are also needed including the fitting of grab bars on high risk areas.
If you will add extra safeguards, you can guarantee that the bathroom will be free from danger.

Handicap bathroom design

You will need to focus on some important areas when you are designing a handicap bathroom.
Exit and entry accessibility & general bathroom use - An ADA compliant bathroom would require a size that will allow the user to be positioned properly in front of sinks and other fixtures while they are in a wheelchair or other equipment to assist with mobility. There must be about thirtyfour inch-50 inch of space in front of fixtures like toilet, sinks and bathtubs. The space should also allow for two people to occupy the bathroom at one time so assistance may be provided to a person in a wheelchair when needed.
The door must also be wide enough to allow entry for a wheelchair and very similar equipment. The door should be easy to operate for a person who is using a wheelchair.
Use of lighting - The light switches should be low enough for all the bathroom occupants. If the switches are quite high, you must install a motion detector in your ADA bathroom layout. You should be sure that plenty of light will be available from a single switch.
bathroom sinks - For an ADA bathroom sink height, it should be twenty-seven incheses above knee level and no cabinets below it so people using a wheelchair can access it.
Showers and bathing areas - You must be sure that the handicap bathtub you will install has an entrance with at least thirty-six ins. in width. Roll-in showers, walk-in tubs or walk-in tub shower combos may be a wonderful choice.
You must try to find models with entrances at floor level and ADA compliant. Grab bars and seating are very important components to ADA showering systems and you have to guarantee that the seating will support the weight of the individual who will use it.
bathroom toilets - For ADA toilets, they must have a height of 17 inch-19 inch and provide a support mechanism for the user. It is also important to have a grab bar with the right length and height and it must provide the support that you want. Ideally, it will be better if 2may be installed thirty-six ins. in width apart from each other and should be placed on each side of the toilet.
The fitting must be done in a way that a person using a wheelchair can move freely inside. You must choose a good toilet seat for added comfort and the fixtures should be within a person's reach. Be sure that the bathroom requirements are met in your ADA bathroom layout plan.


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