ADA roll-in showers - barrier-free fast installs Los Angeles CA

You can recover the self-confidence of people who are coping with mobility challenges if you can give them the freedom to bath with tiny support. the top manufacturers offer high quality and cost effective solutions for roll-in showers in Los Angeles California that are ADA compliant. They can also give advance safety features to make your bath time fun.
We're offering product and installation services for ADA roll-in showers for the top brands in the market at this time, backed by a reliable warranty. We always buy in bulk so it allows us to pass the savings to our customers and offer high quality products for less. Prior to deciding, you can contact us at this time to acquire a free estimate or to get info about our residential or commercial roll-in shower systems.

What is a roll-in shower and will it help?

A roll-in shower can certainly be regarded as a barrier-free showering system that will likely be accessible for people who are using a wheelchair. The American Disability Association or ADA can give a set of standards to guarantee that your roll-in shower or a barrier-free shower is ADA compliant.
ADAAG requirements are positioned for height clearance for the shower pan and shower entrance, installations, right shower sizes and safety mechanisms.
the top manufacturers offer solutions for residential and commercial applications for ADA barrier-free showers that are current with ADAAG requirements.
If your shower system is not yet on the level of safety and comfort that would help you with your mobility challenges, the top manufacturers offer a roll-in shower solution that would be consistent with the ADA guidelines. It will likely be built with safety features like grab bar type with a custom height, your choice of seating area and custom sizing for safe exit and entry.

Our roll-in shower solutions:

We offer showering systems coming from the top manufacturers that may offer a higher build quality and other additional features and customizations for better functionality. Additional information may actually be needed before you make a decision and our product experts will likely be available to assist you over the phone.
Aquatic - Aquatic barrier-free showers can offer numerous system types, finishes, material make up, sizes, compliance requirements and safety. They are functional and stylish and they will likely be an excellent choice fit for different types of mobility equipment.
Sterling - This is a product manufacturer known to create high integrity systems. Sterling barrier-free showers are actually created from highly durable Vikrell material and they are available in their 63" ADA shower along with an option for the seat on the right or left. Their ADA shower actually has Age-in-Place backers for grab bar installation.
Freedom - Freedom can offer accessible showers, ADA showers and other additional options for seating, grab bar types and size and shower pans. They actually have barrier-free systems available in 64" x 35" or you can get a more compact sizing. It could also be installed easily in any residential or commercial building.
Mirolin - This is highly spacious and it is available with a safety grab bar and convenient shelving. Mirolin's line of access undoubtedly looks great and they are made to meet many standards. Other features include customizable grab bar configuration and multi seating options.
Clarion - Clarion's barrier free showers can offer different sets of sizes, finishes and safety options. Installations are very simple and straightforward and they are backed by a 6-year manufacturer's warranty.
Florestone - Florestone can offer high value ADA compliant barrier-free showering systems with a reasonable rate without cutting corners on performance and quality. These systems are very easy to install and Florestone can offer additional comfort and safety features.


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