The Walk-in Shower Specialists In Los Angeles California

If you wish to look for a walk-in showering system, we're just a call away. We have been the shop to consider if you'd like custom bath and showering systems and we've been a popular choice for more than 12 years. Our designs are elegant and spacious and it could be equipped with popular features that will provide you with a calming spa-like experience every time you hit the shower.

You could check out our extensive list of walk-in showers in Los Angeles CA from the best brands like Ella, Sterling and Dreamline and they come in various sizes that will fit any type of bathroom.

These brands also provide selections for safety features such as comfortably positioned and easy-to-hold grab-bar, low floor threshold and a high weight supporting seating area.

You could enjoy an energizing shower experience with our walk-in shower which can be customized to blend into any theme or background.

We are also proud of our installation team because they're friendly and fast. All of our work is backed by our quality workmanship warranty. You could always contact us for a free quote or to ask about our products and services.

Cutting-edge features:

Our walk-in showers are created from a high quality composite material. The installation is fairly basic and painless since the system is put together with the use of interlocking joints that form waterproof seals.

It only implies that there won't be any caulking needed during the installation. We can provide a better design that is both durable and easy to maintain. You only need to wipe clean and it's done.

Our products are available in 38 inches 48 inches or 60 inches options together with a low walk over threshold. It also has a built in convenient seating that is covered by an optional extra thick cushion that can support up to 300 lbs.

It also contains a well-positioned grab bar which has been tested for safety, anti-slip flooring and a multi-functional detachable showerhead with a fast on and off button. This walk-in shower is spacious for sitting and standing and it's built to offer safety, comfort and independence.

There are also some models containing the Deluxe Econo that can help you save about 9000 gallons of water annually.

The systems we offer:

Sterling - This is a brand that is smooth and easy and extremely spacious. Sterling also provides high quality walk-in showers with seats made from Vikrell, which is known as a material made for extra durability in a smooth finish. This is very simple to use and extremely consistent with the structural needs of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) like a low threshold for easy access and a reinforced grab bar. Sterling walk-in shower kits are easy to install and they are designed to match any interior.

Ella - It's a well-designed walk-in shower with a molded seat design and a low threshold. Ella is offering a durable walk-in shower that makes use of marine gel coating layer over a fiberglass base to create a well-crafted finish. It's a walk-in shower that is stylish and contains trustworthy safety features.

Dreamline - As a global shower brand-name, Dreamline is known for its quality and cost-effective walk-in shower kits and solutions for seated showers. We can provide many options through Dreamline when it comes to walk-in shower designs and dimensions.

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