Walk-in Tub & Shower Combination In Los Angeles California

If you will use our walk-in tub shower combination units in Los Angeles CA, you can opt to bath in a roomy walk-in tub along with the safety and comfort features that you need and take a warm, relaxing shower.

With this new shower combination unit, you can have your walk-in tub with no need to say goodbye to having a shower in your bathroom.

You may pick from a wide range of walk-in tub shower combos in Los Angeles California that provide safety features and amenities such as heated reclined seating, easy-to-operate control panel for hydrotherapy and more.

We've been installing walk-in tubs in Los Angeles CA for 12 years and more from the best brands in walk-in tub manufacturing. With our large quantity purchasing, our customers can enjoy a greater quality product for a lower cost. You may contact us for free information or to schedule a live in-home demo.

Our walk-in tub shower features:

We have comfortable sizes that would fit any bathroom space. Our models have a range of 45" to 61" in length and it has a roomy width with twenty-six" to twenty-eight" and you can also have an option of 30" in width for our deluxe models. To help maximize room efficiency, our walk-in tub shower units may be installed anywhere in your bathroom.

We provide better safety features and design. If you will check our tub & shower combos, they always have a low threshold step-over area for easy access, extra wide door with options for swinging outward or inward, a slip resistant flooring, comfortably positioned grab bars, roomy interior, heated seating area and a one-click fast locking feature.

We can provide comfort and therapeutic benefits. Our models have reclined seating that can support your shoulders and upper back and it can help relieve tension when bathing. It also features easy-to-navigate touch controls for hydrotherapy, optional aromatherapy, fast drain button and massaging jets. They also have multi functional detachable handheld showerhead installed on a height bar to help lower and raise desired level.

Be Intelligent When Buying

You can find several things that you may need to keep in mind for a successful installation including the best system that would work for you. We can help remove needless headaches and provide with a product that you will enjoy for years. Listed below are some of the things that you need to watch out for.

You have to understand that the measurements of the walk-in tub & shower that you will chose might not always fit in the doorways outside of the house, the halls or the toilet. Fundamentally, you will need to pay to have doorframes if you wish to bring to the desired area.

There's a big possibility that you will have to update your water heater if you wish to manage the higher water requirements caused by not choosing the right bathtub shower combo. You should already expect a rise in your monthly water bills because you may need to fill a big tub with 40 to 80 gallons of water when you take a bath.

This will undoubtedly increase utility costs and you will need to install an additional electrical heating unit.

You'll also need to pay to change your pipes to link the bath and have it run correctly. You may need to buy an additional high-speed pump or drain to drain the water quickly.

You should also know that the toilet flooring may require additional structural support to handle the weight of the bathtub when it is filled up with water.

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